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不動明王護摩供養  Our temple conducts the "Fudou-Miyouou(Acala) Fire Ritual" and the "Daisei-Kangiten (Ganesh) Anointing Ritual" every day, so please contact us with any requests for these rituals.

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  Articles and recollections about Sououin

This is the stone sign which explains our temple’s history. It’s been placed along the street in front.

Our temple’s donation box in front of our temple. It is in the autumn sunshine.

Our temple’s main hall in October sunlight

"Jizo" guardian deity of children

Fortune (おみくじ)  People tie their fortunes ( omikuji ) on strings. We wish our visitors will have good luck.

Oinarisan(お稲荷様)  Oinarisan is the fox god, the god of money. This god is very popular in Japan.

Stone Name Plate Monument(石碑)  The color of the stone is really nice. I took this picture on a cloudy afternoon in the November sun light.

Achala ( Hudou-sama:不動様)  The severe expression on Achala’s face suggests something important to us.

Main Hall(本堂)  Time has passed and it is now November here in Takayama. If you go up the stairs, you can see the main hall with "tatami mats (straw mats)"

  The front of the main hall (本堂正面):
In clear sunlight in December, I took this picture. The sun creates shadowes on the front of the main hall. This is just a day in my life.

  A three-needled pine(三葉の松):
It seems three-needled pine trees have been planted in shrines and temples all over Japan.

  A well(井戸):
We’ve never used this well. The scenery is reminiscent of the good old days. I feel nostalgia.

The left hand side is for prayer rituals and the other side is a Buddhist slogan.

  Homa-mandala (fire altar) 護摩壇:
Soot has stained the inside of the main hall.

  An incense burner (線香立て):
A little bit bigger than the one you find in a (family) Buddhist altar.

  Small Buddha statue in winter atmospherer
What is the little Buddha thinking about?

  The main hall in winter(2月の本堂)
Our remote local city is isolated in winter. We had developed a unique culture.

  The banner of the Achala(不動様の旗)
The sun has begun to set later. Spring has arrived, even in Takayama.

  Kobou Daishi Shiyoumie-ku Ritual, April 21st, 2012

水子供養の祈祷は飛騨高山の相応院で。 金運、開運の祈祷は相応院で。 高野山へ一緒にお参りに行きましょう。 ご詠歌

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