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不動明王護摩供養  Our temple conducts the "Fudou-Miyouou(Acala) Fire Ritual" and the "Daisei-Kangiten (Ganesh) Anointing Ritual" every day, so please contact us with any requests for these rituals.

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About Esoteric Buddhism
Esoteric Buddhism was brought by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) from China, 1,200 years ago, and established the core of Buddhism.
The word "密" in 密教 (Esoteric Buddhism) means secrecy. Though secret, the content is not hidden. The content of the doctrine is so deep, it is difficult for anyone except expert practitioners to understand. Therefore it is called 秘密仏教 (secret Buddhism), which is contracted to 密教 (Esoteric Buddhism).
Our bodies work in harmony, including the brain and all the organs, which we don’t notice in our daily life. This is why we are alive, and we can affirm this unseen life through the action of our bodies.
In the same way, all the universe and nature (including human beings) work together, support each other and share in the same "Great Life". But it’s a mystery because we can’t see the "Great Life".
The "Great Life" is called Dainichi Niyorai (大日如来), which is likened to the sun that gives light evenly to everything, and it is the principle Buddha. Dainichi Niyorai transforms himself into representations of Buddha, in order to help us by synchronizing with our spiritual levels. And mandalas portray such Buddhist salvation.
Therefore, there are many Buddhas in a mandala (曼荼羅), with Dainichi Niyorai in the centre.
The Shingon sect upholds the doctrine of Esoteric Buddhism which was brought to Japan by Kobo Daishi.

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