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不動明王護摩供養  Our temple conducts the "Fudou-Miyouou(Acala) Fire Ritual" and the "Daisei-Kangiten (Ganesh) Anointing Ritual" every day, so please contact us with any requests for these rituals.

Koyasan Tour & Buddhist Hymns

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The Koyasan tour dates have not been decided yet.

 X-day guided tour to the popular pilgrimage destination, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Koyasan
  From Takayama  ¥―,―  2011― XXX. ―th - XXX. ―st

  Japanese Buddhist Hymns are composed from a 31-syllable verse written in a 5-7-5-7-7 meter. These hymns are traditional arts from the Heian period. We also call the 5-7 or 7-5 meter pattern of Japanese Buddhist Hymns as “wasan” : 和賛.

   <About Buddhist Hymns class>

Our ”Goeika” (Buddhist hymns) class schedule is irregular so please contact us for more information.

 We also have a ”Goeika” (Buddhist hymns) class.
  Place : Sououin  Fee  ¥600  Schedule

水子供養の祈祷は飛騨高山の相応院で。 金運、開運の祈祷は相応院で。 高野山へ一緒にお参りに行きましょう。 ご詠歌

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