Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan Shingon Sect Sououin ( Takayama Ganesh )

不動明王護摩供養  Our temple conducts the "Fudou-Miyouou(Acala) Fire Ritual" and the "Daisei-Kangiten (Ganesh) Anointing Ritual" every day, so please contact us with any requests for these rituals.


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  Located next to the “Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine”


  Our temple is right next to Sakurayamahachimangu Shrine. In this precinct, there is a very famous sightseeing landmark - the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall, and it can easily be found on your Takayama sightseeing map. Therefore, please aim for the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall. We are next to the shrine percinct on the south side.

水子供養の祈祷は飛騨高山の相応院で。 金運、開運の祈祷は相応院で。 高野山へ一緒にお参りに行きましょう。 ご詠歌

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お祓いEsoteric Buddhism,
Sououin Temple
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